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كيف يمكن لفروقات أسعار ثابتة وضيقة أن تتعايش مع نظام التنفيذ المباشر؟

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CFI launches London Branch

الإعتماد المالي انفست (CFI) ليميتد المعروفة سابقاً CFI ماركتس

لم الإعتماد المالي انفست (CFI) ليميتد ؟

• مؤسسة مالية مرخصة من الإتحاد الاوروبي
• شروط تجارية مثيرة للاهتمام
• دعم مهني وجدير بالثقة
• تنفيذ عادل
• تأكيدات للطلبات فائقة السرعة
• إيداع سهل وسحب سريع
• سيولة متوفرة بكثرة
• رافعة مالية قابلة للتعديل.
• منصة حائزة على جائزة عالمية قابلة للدخول اليها عبر الحاسوب و الموبايل
• ازواج متعددة من الفوركس و ال CFD

إيداع الاموال

نقوم بتقديم مجموعة من الطرق لإيداع الأموال :
• بسرعة
• بسهولة
• بطريقة آمنة


ميتاتريدر 4 هو منصة لتداول العملات الأجنبية وعقود الفروقات.

الملايين من المتداولين يختارون منصة ميتاتريدر 4 للتداول في الأسواق.

منصة تسمح للمستخدم برمجة المؤشرات بسهولة والمستشارين الخبراء لتحليل الأسواق المالية وإشارات التداول فضلا عن تطبيقات التداول المحمول


يمكن القول أن الإعتماد المالي انفست (CFI) ليميتد يجلب لك أفضل حلول الشراكة المتاحة في السوق. كجزء من حزمة كاملة للخدمات، فإنك لن تحصل فقط على كل التكنولوجيا المتطورة للمنصات، ولكن ستستفيد أيضا من السيولة من الدرجة الأولى

نبذة عن الشركة

الإعتماد المالي انفست (CFI) ليميتد المحدودة هي مؤسسة مالية رائدة تقدم خدمات متفوقة في تجارة ال FX وال CFD عبر الإنترنت للعملاء من الأفراد والمؤسسات في جميع أنحاء العالم. وتتمركز الشركة في قبرص تحت رقم التسجيل HE 303814.

تخضع الإعتماد المالي انفست (CFI) ليميتد المحدودة بشكل كامل لتنظيم لجنة الاوراق المالية وبورصة قبرص تحت رقم الرخصة 179/12 وهي مسجلة أيضا في الهيئة الاتحادية للجمارك تحت رقم 602588 وفي هيئة الرقابة المالية الاتحادية تحت رقم 1338881. وعلاوة على ذلك، فإن الشركة هي عضو في صندوق التعويضات للمستثمر "ICF "و" ACIIF " وهي جزء من مجموعة CFI المحدودة.

تسجل الآن

   لقد قرأت ووافقت على شروط وأحكام الحساب التّجريبي الإعتماد المالي انفست (CFI) ليميتد، وأوافق على تلقي إتصال من الشركة عبر الهاتف أو البريد الإلكتروني لتزويدي بمعلومات عن منصّة التّداول. الحساب التجريبي لا يضمن قبول فتح الحساب.

الأجندة الإقتصادية

أخبار الأسواق

Altico Capital: Sachin Bansal, Reliance Mutual Fund face defaults on outstanding debt
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Altico has bonds worth a total Rs 1,808 crore that will mature between now and May 2022, India Ratings data showed.

SBI shelves IPO plans for general insurance arm; card JV to hit market in Q4
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Investor interest for its cards business is very high, and SBI Card listing will happen in the March quarter, Rajnish Kumar said.

Trade setup: Don’t chase any Nifty bounce blindly; stay stock specific
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

11,110 and 11,175 will provide immediate resistance. Supports comes in at 11,000 & 10,950

Saudi stocks dip 3% in first session after oil attack
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The key energy sector plunged 4.7 per cent, while the telecom and banking sectors each slid three per cent.

Sebi mulls new whistle-blower mechanism for auditors, other 'gate-keepers'
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The proposed move assumes significance in the wake of several auditor exits.

Tweet Buster: India’s sweet spot & why auto deserves no GST cut
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Basant Maheshwari has called for a cut in income-taxes for better compliance.

Global spare oil capacity in US hands after Saudi outage
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

US has briefly overtaken Saudi Arabia as the world's largest crude exporter this year.

Some parts of power sector look up thanks to govt steps
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Discoms have so far been the weakest link in the electricity value chain.

FPIs turn net buyers, infuse Rs 1,841 cr in September first half
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The latest inflows have been triggered by improving investor sentiment

IPO market: Only 11 cos hit bourses this year compared to 24 in 2018
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

11 firms have gone public collecting a total of Rs 10,300 crore through IPOs so far.

Oil prices surge 15% after attack on Saudi facilities hits global supply
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Oil prices surged more than 15% to their highest level in nearly four months at the open on Sunday after an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities on Saturday that knocked out more than 5% of global oil supply.

Oil surges, stock futures slip after attack on Saudi facility
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Oil prices surged to six-month highs on Monday while Wall Street futures turned lower and safe haven bets returned after weekend attacks on Saudi Arabia's crude facilities knocked out more than 5% of global oil supply.

Exclusive: WeWork considers dramatic valuation cut in IPO
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

WeWork owner The We Company may seek a valuation in its upcoming initial public offering of between $10 billion and $12 billion, a dramatic discount to the $47 billion valuation it achieved in January, people familiar with the matter said on Friday.

As talks falter, UAW calls first national strike against GM since 2007
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The United Auto Workers (UAW) said on Sunday that its roughly 48,000 hourly workers at General Motors Co facilities would go on strike as of midnight on Sunday after U.S. labor contract talks reached an impasse, the first nationwide strike at GM in 12 years.

Trump urges GM, UAW to resolve contract dispute
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump said Sunday that General Motors Co and the United Auto Workers union should "get together and make a deal." Trump tweeted about five hours before the union is set launch its first nationwide strike at GM in 12 years.

Explainer: Attack on Saudi leaves world without spare oil capacity
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The strike on the heartland of Saudi Arabia's oil industry, including damage to the world's biggest petroleum-processing facility, has driven oil prices to their highest level in nearly four months.

U.S. stock futures fall after Saudi oil attacks
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

U.S. stock futures fell 0.3% percent when trading resumed on Sunday, a day after attacks on Saudi oil facilities that risk disrupting global energy supplies. 

U.S. shale seen unlikely to quickly replace barrels lost in attack on Saudi facilities
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

U.S. shale producers have added millions of barrels to global crude supply in recent years, but that does not mean they can quickly replace barrels lost from weekend attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities, energy experts said on Sunday.

S&P Global Platts sees Saudi oil strikes driving up risk premium in crude market
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Attacks on Saudi oil plants have boosted concerns about supply security in the Middle East and should raise the risk premium in the global crude market, shifting focus from a gloomy economic backdrop, S&P Global Platts said on Sunday.

After LSE's sharp rebuff, HKEX begins investor charm offensive
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is embarking on a three-week charm offensive with London Stock Exchange investors as the Asian trading house tries to salvage its proposed $39 billion takeover offer.

Investing green is all the rage, but benchmarks still hazy
Posted on Friday September 13, 2019

Global money managers and companies are rushing to meet a deadline to report on their carbon footprint, but the lack of a standard metric raises concerns their efforts could just be a box-ticking...

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn to leave New York for Florida
Posted on Friday September 13, 2019

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, a born New Yorker who has run his business from the city for decades, is moving his office, more than half of his staff and himself to Florida early next year, people...

Climate change pushes U.S. fund managers to bet on AC makers
Posted on Thursday September 12, 2019

Record heatwaves in Europe and Asia this summer are leading fund managers to buy shares of air conditioning manufacturers, betting that the public health risks of rising temperatures will compel...

Woodford listed fund says administrator to cut valuation in another of its holdings
Posted on Thursday September 12, 2019

Woodford Patient Capital Trust, the listed trust run by under-fire money manager Neil Woodford, said its administrator Link Fund Solutions would cut the valuation of its stake in another of the...

Blackstone raises $20.5 billion for largest ever real estate fund
Posted on Thursday September 12, 2019

U.S. private equity firm Blackstone Group Inc said on Wednesday it has raised the largest ever real estate fund, amassing $20.5 billion to be invested in property assets around the world.

Words of Wisdom: Life Lessons with Salman Rushdie
Posted on Monday September 09, 2019

Magic realism is a literary genre in which narrative is shot through with surreal, dreamlike, seemingly impossible moments.

Activist investor Driver Management presses anew for First United Bank to sell itself
Posted on Wednesday September 04, 2019

Driver Management Company LLC, an activist investor focused on U.S. banks, renewed calls on Wednesday for First United Corp , the holding company for Maryland community bank First United Bank &...

VanEck SolidX bitcoin trust to sell shares to institutional buyers
Posted on Tuesday September 03, 2019

Investment firm VanEck and financial technology company SolidX Management LLC will sell shares in their bitcoin trust to "qualified institutional buyers," the companies said on Tuesday, in a move...

Catastrophes set to drive 2020 reinsurance rates higher
Posted on Tuesday September 03, 2019

Big insurance losses from hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters over the past two years are set to push reinsurance renewal rates higher in January, ratings agencies said.

Swiss bank Pictet boosts assets under management, first half profit slips
Posted on Tuesday September 03, 2019

Group assets under custody or management at Swiss private bank and asset manager Pictet rose nearly 10% in the first half versus the end of 2018, it said on Monday.

Boeing board will reportedly call for structural changes after 737 Max crashes
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The recommendations include changing corporate reporting structures, creating a new safety group, and changing the cockpits of future planes to accommodate new pilots with less training, according to The New York Times.

New York to ban sale of flavored e-cigarettes by emergency order
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The state would become the second in the country, behind Michigan, to ban the sale of fruit flavored e-cigarettes, which are popular with teenagers.

The 2019 McLaren 720S Spider is a $315,000 supercar with mind-bending performance
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The McLaren 720S Spider will change your understanding of the word "fast." It's loud, gorgeous and violently quick. But while many cars will beat you over the head with raw speed and fall apart in hard driving, the 720S gets better and better the more you push it.

UAW calls strike against General Motors for first time since financial crisis
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

The strike, depending on its length, could easily cost GM hundreds of millions of dollars. The last time the union declared a strike at GM was in 2007. The two-day work stoppage was estimated to have cost the Detroit automaker more than $300 million a day.

Subscription porn gains popularity as new apps let models sell directly to their fans
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

A growing number of models are selling subscriptions using OnlyFans and Fancentro, turning their social media followings into a customer base.

Apple is becoming a camera company
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Apple's new iPhones can still send texts, download apps, and make video calls, but the company spends a lot of time and effort marketing its new phones as powerful photography machines.

'It's not a free market': These manufacturers say tariffs help level the playing field with China
Posted on Sunday September 15, 2019

Some U.S. manufacturers say tariffs, if targeted, will help address longstanding unfair trade practices like intellectual property theft.

Vinyl records to outsell CDs for the first time in 33 years and prices have risen 490%
Posted on Saturday September 14, 2019

CD sales have fallen 34% to $698 million, the first time it had totaled less than $1 billion since 1986.

The top tech IPOs this year have outperformed the S&P 500, despite Uber and Lyft
Posted on Saturday September 14, 2019

Thanks to the performance of Beyond Meat, investors who focus on venture-backed tech IPOs have done well this year despite some notable disappointments.

How Beyond Meat's stock surged 500% in 2019
Posted on Saturday September 14, 2019

On its first trading day, Beyond Meat's stock price surged 163%. The hype around the stock continued to push it higher in the following months.

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